Nigerian Content

Tianjin Energy Resources Limited (TIANJIN) understands and will continue to proactively develop its entire operations to comply with the requirements of the Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act, 2010.

 The Board and the Management Team support the economic development goals of the Federal Government and are committed to promote and ensure compliance with the Act.

 In all its operations in Nigeria, TIANJIN will give preference to the use of material, goods and services produced in Nigeria in accordance with Part 1 section 10 (a) of the Act. All these activities will be 100% domiciled in Nigeria.

 TIANJIN will continue to deliberately work with Nigerian companies, subcontractors and the Nigerian government to identify and increase availability of components in the oil and gas sector in Nigeria. Presently, TIANJIN has in-country committed facilities and infrastructure in Nigeria to support project activities including project management, engineering, procurement, logistics, fabrication, maintenance and repairs.

 TIANJIN will also ensure that priority is given to the use of local labour and the employment and training of Nigerians in conformity with Part 1 section 10 (b) of the Act.

 We will intensify and grow our training programs for Nigerians and, in collaboration with our international partners, ensure adequate transfer of knowledge, skill and technology.

 In order to meet the provisions in Part 1 section 31(1) of the Act, TIANJIN will regularly review and drive its succession plan forward to ensure that all low level, all middle level and a majority of senior level management positions are held by Nigerians.

 The Managing Director will direct the implementation strategy of Nigerian Content. The Nigerian Content Manager will be responsible for Nigerian Content activities and will ensure that all project activities are performed in compliance with requirements of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Content Development Act 2010.

 Signed: Peter Lin, Managing Director