Pipeline Construction

TIANJIN specializes in the construction, maintenance, testing and repair of Pipelines and associated facilities, as well as a broad range of other services to the Oil & Gas Pipeline industry. We employ expert construction and management team and Consultants with hundreds of years of combined experience in the Pipeline field. Using the latest construction technologies, we are well capable of constructing Pipelines of up to 42 inches in diameter, in a variety of locations and conditions.

Our services to the Pipeline industry include, but not limited to the following:

  • =>Engineering Design services, Excavation and Mainline Pipeline Construction
  • =>Horizontal Directional Drills, Dry and Slick Bores
  •  =>Fabrication of Pipeline Infrastructure Components
  •  =>Underground Electrical Utility Construction and Maintenance
  •  =>Pipeline Rehabilitation, Anomaly repairs and Sandblasting
  •  =>Reroutes and Integrity Work
  • =>Pipeline coating, Painting and Cathodic protection
  •  =>Hydrostatic testing, X-ray and Inspection
  •  =>Station Construction and Expansion
  •  =>River and Interstate Crossings