Drilling Operation and Services

TIANJIN is a Corporate Member of the International Association of Drilling Contractors. We provide Land and Swamp Barge Drilling Rigs, as well as Offshore Rigs including: Jack-ups, Deep-water Semi-Submersibles & Submersibles, and Drill ships of various capacities to suit our Clients’ needs. We also provide Drilling & Work over operations management or supervision for these Rigs in accordance to approved Programs.

Whether on land or deep water offshore, we have the expertise to plan, implement and supervise the drilling operations of our Client’ Oil & Gas wells to achieve their drilling objectives – from well design, tendering and contracting, supervision, to final well completion and putting production on stream.

To meet performance drilling objectives, TIANJIN incorporates experienced personnel, advanced processes, leading drilling technology, and proven drilling software. We have the capability to drill wells in adverse conditions, including those that exhibit high formation pressures, temperatures or Hydrogen sulphide content. In addition, we are well placed to provide Directional Drilling services, with the capability of handling extended-reach horizontal and multi-lateral wells – stretching further to hit targets not accessible by vertical drilling, and intersecting reservoirs with the optimal inclination to enhance production.

In collaboration with our Technical Partners, TIANJIN is also capable of providing additional specialized Drilling Operations Support Services including Mud Engineering, Cementing, Mud Logging and Well Logging.